Zephwear.com, manufacturer of athletic footwear for the children's and youth team sports market, has introduced the Logo-it online software system to its site, allowing customers to customise their shoes by labeling coloured insert cards that slide into the tongue flap on the shoe.

After ordering their shoes online the customer receives a sheet of coloured labels with their purchase. Once they have these they can log on to the zephware website and design their own logos and text. These can then be downloaded to the customers computer and printed on to the labels.

David Snyder, president and founder of Zephwear, said: "Many brands have introduced customisation, but the shoes are costly. With zephwear.com's Logo-it Soccer, for $35 the child can customize his own shoe with whatever he wants to do.

"Kids can now show up the first day with their name on the shoe and the coach will surely be able to remember who he/she is. Teams can have the entire same look with color selection and logos. The possibilities are endless."