Software firm Zweave Inc has packaged its software into bundles to help material suppliers and apparel product development firms optimise their processes during the economic downturn.

Its on-demand PLM solution for material suppliers ranges from fabric to trim and packaging.

It is available in an on demand PLM collection that includes portfolio set up and management, material management, tracking, specification, testing, colour management, sample and RFP management and web based showrooms.

"With material development at the foundation of product development initiatives, material suppliers need the same capabilities as their customers to offer streamlined development, sampling and manufacturing capabilities," says Laura McCann-Ramsey, CEO of Zweave.

Likewise, the Zdesign Advantage Package offers core PLM functionality and includes 10 Zdesign Studios for 10 users and tools and reports for colour, material, sample tech pack, bill of materials, fit, line plan and trend management.