Zweave Inc and eWarna are teaming up to offer combined product development software and services to help apparel manufacturers improve their colour data management needs.

Under the agreement announced on Friday, Zweave Inc, a provider of product lifecycle management software and eWarna, which supplies online colour management solutions, will jointly promote their combined set of services and solutions.

This partnership will help integrate eWarna's Online Color eXchange with Zweave's ColorCOMM and MaterialCOMM solutions, enabling colour technicians, designers and merchants to maximise efficiencies and create, store and manage colour requirements for artwork and materials, colour bill of materials, colour approvals and logistics, colour testing data and digital colour palettes and colour cards.

Manhon Shiew, CEO of eWarna, says: "The product development organisations who will thrive are those who choose to leverage colour management technologies in their current business processes to accelerate time to market, increase operational efficiencies and address the issue of colour specification and quality control."

In addition to combining their innovation and integration capabilities, Zweave and eWarna will collaborate in the new agreement to share colour and PLM consulting services.

Zweave and eWarna's efforts include colour and PLM systems integration, architecture and custom development; customer data infrastructure for the collection, storage and use of colour data.