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PI Apparel brings together manufacturers working across fashion, apparel, and footwear to discuss the technologies that disrupt and advance the industry. The conferences take places in North America, Europe, and Asia and they don't intend to stop there.

This platform provides the global community with a platform to learn, network and exchange ideas. See apparel.pi.tv for more info.

PI Apparel Interview Series

PLM Development at Lane Bryant (with Nicole Jones, Director, Product Development, Lane Bryant)

PLM deployments don’t happen overnight. User engagement can be lost making the transition harder. Nicole Jones (Director Product Development, Lane Bryant) selected a Core PLM Team to deliver new systems features and maintain the momentum during the transition. In this short interview she explains how this was achieved.

PLM at Harley Davidson (with Melvina Kleverova Zilliox, Design Director, Harley Davidson)

The demand for faster time to market and reduced costs, has forced many brands including Harley-Davidson to turn to PLM. In this interview, Melvina Kleverova Zilliox, (Design Director, Harley-Davidson) gives a brief overview of their aggressive PLM adoption strategy, and shares what’s next on their PLM roadmap.

Future Trends of Apparel Manufacturing (with Walter Wilhelm, Chairman, WWA Advisors)

With over 30 years’ experience in the apparel industry, Walter Wilhelm is widely recognized as one of the pioneers in creating and implementing technology to streamline the product design and development process. In this short interview Walter discusses common challenges to apparel innovation alongside his 5-year industry forecast.

3D Technology & The Fashion Industry (with Craig Crawford, IT Strategist)

As 3D technologies become more advanced brands are using the opportunity for faster and more cost effective global collaboration, design, testing and sampling. Resulting in a shorter, leaner time to market. In this short video, PI Apparel Chairman Craig Crawford shares his take on 3D tech in fashion.