Building on its strategy to develop innovations that drive retail transformation for brands, retailers and manufacturers, Centric Software has released a digital collection of boards for touch-based devices to boost accuracy and speed.

Centric Visual Innovation Platform or Centric VIP, provides a strategic-level overview for executives, drill-down capabilities for users, and mass automation of executive decision making.

According to the company, adoption by executive, creative, merchandising, product development and sourcing teams has been "overwhelmingly positive", with current users claiming the software increases the productivity of a single product lifecycle management (PLM) user by a factor of ten.

It is the first technology innovation suited for collaborative, visual, creative but also analytical, group decision making and execution oriented process, Centric says.

"Centric VIP was conceived in close, on-site partnerships with the world's leading brands and retailers, and is a fully market driven, game changing innovation," explains Humberto Roa, vice president of innovation at Centric Software. "This new platform focuses on three areas: ideation and collaboration, what-iffing and decision making, and mass, automated execution of decisions. As information is projected on a giant touch-screen television, macro or micro level views can be manipulated with individuals contributing via their own devices, drilling down into details as needed."

Completely visual, Centric VIP enables creative brainstorming linked to the business context. Boards draw from existing information or new ideas and decisions are recorded, making them available to everyone digitally, in real-time. Determining first level line plans, pairing fabrics and bodies, tracking adds/drops, incorporating feedback from sales, finalising unit commitments and more can be performed in a group context with multiple sources of input.

Meanwhile, users can play with what-if scenarios using real-time information, with changes automatically tracked and decisions recorded. This eliminates the need to record minutes of meetings, enter changes into PLM post-meeting or wait for manual sign off.

The mass execution of decisions is automated, drastically boosting accuracy and speed. Teams can mass create and update cascading changes, severely reducing the risk of error and miscommunication while greatly accelerating the development process. Approvals and tasks are automatically routed to their corresponding owners.

"Centric VIP is a dramatic innovation that transforms our customers' business by collapsing their time to market, delivering massive streamlining and speeding their execution. It is truly a game changing innovation," adds Chris Groves, Centric president and CEO.