Centric Software is delighted to announce the release of a success story about its customer, Shoes For Crews.

Shoes For Crews was founded in 1984, when husband-and-wife team Stanley and Arna Smith were running a home-based business producing nurses' shoes and uniforms in New York.

Shoes For Crews started with a shortlist of six PLM vendors, which they quickly whittled down to two contenders. In December 2016, after a competitive process of applying PLM solutions to real-world data and scenarios, Shoes For Crews announced that it chose Centric.

"I've been doing PLM in the apparel and footwear space for the last fifteen years or so, I'm pretty familiar with the different players out there," says Pam Buckingham, Director, PLM & Product Development. "I had never worked with Centric personally, but upon lots of homework, investigation, interviews with colleagues and asking the Centric reps a million hard questions, Centric rose to the top as the best solution for Shoes For Crews."

"We wanted to see how it would work for us in real use cases day to day, not just see presentations with dummy data. Centric has functionality, ease of use, consistency throughout the product, an agile approach and the ability to install and go live a lot faster...it's very appealing, and I think it's going to be easy for our users to adopt."