Russian women's and men's clothing brand 12Storeez has implemented a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to streamline information access and communication across the business.

The company selected Centric Software's PLM solution to help assist it through its growth and geographic expansion.

Founded in 2014 by twin sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdiny and Ivan Khokhlov, 12 Storeez launched as an online Instagram store, with a small showroom in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Now a globally recognisable brand employing about 460 people, the company has amassed more than one million followers on Instagram with 26 offline retail stores in ten cities across Russia and one store is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

"We enable our customers to create a practical and well-thought capsule wardrobe that can be quickly updated with just one or two fresh new items," explains Ivan Khokhlov, CEO and co-founder of 12 Storeez. "We release new collections every month — not a couple of times a year — and we carefully monitor quality and prices."

Khokhlov says the company decided to implement a PLM system to streamline information access and communication across all departments of the organisation.

"Our rapid company growth and fast-moving collections require a centralised, digital storage system providing visibility of all stages of the product journey," he adds.

"Centric Software is a progressive company with an innovative approach to introducing PLM in the most agile way, allowing us to integrate the programme in the shortest time frame possible," Khokhov says. "With Centric Fashion PLM we expect to reduce time and resources for unnecessary communications by around 38% by uniting a large product team in a single system.

"We predict that Centric PLM will allow us to calculate the cost price more accurately and the system will also help us to structure all our data and product information libraries in one place."