Brazilian online direct-to-consumer fashion brand AMARO has invested in a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to further synchronise its operations and boost speed-to-market.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, the company says it is the first fashion brand in the country to successfully implement Centric Software's PLM solution.

AMARO already delivers products from design to sale with a lead time above market average, and will now synchronise planning, design and development even more as a result of the new Centric solution.

Founded in 2012, AMARO primarily sells through its website and mobile apps but also has 15 bricks-and-mortar 'Guide Shops' across Brazil where customers can try on sample clothing and order products for delivery from a central inventory.

"We are still a start-up in many ways and have doubled both revenue and sales volume year-over-year," Lodovico Brioschi, COO, CFO and co-founder of AMARO explains. "Our processes began with Excel and Google sheets but were still fragmented and not optimised for our growing business. Each of our teams has different ways of organising information and working. We arrived at the point where we needed a single source of the truth and one common workflow across the whole company. We needed a PLM solution to consolidate information, make it transparent and create processes that would be consistent for every user."

Brioschi adds the company expects its processes to become more solid, transparent and fast as a result of implementing the new software.

"We hope to reduce costs and timelines, as we will have better information and the ability to negotiate more effectively with suppliers. Speed is a mantra for us at AMARO. We're the fastest fashion brand in Brazil in terms of the time from planning to product launch, which is generally about ten weeks and can be as little as three weeks. Centric PLM is critical to support our strategy of maintaining and even accelerating our time to market."