Agentrics, a leading solution provider to the world's largest retailers and their trading partners, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Vivacadena, a provider of innovative supply chain solutions. Through this acquisition, Agentrics now offers retailers and manufactures a platform to simultaneously reduce out-of-stock positions while lowering inventory levels across complex distribution networks that include manufacturers' warehouses and distribution centers as well as wholesaler and retail locations. The Vivacadena solution, now part of the Agentrics supply chain intelligence offering, automatically coordinates inventory levels by analyzing a range of factors such as demand fluctuations, supplier responsiveness and current stock levels throughout the supply chain.

"In the consumer goods industry, product availability and optimal stock positions can have a dramatic effect on a company's profitability and competitive edge," said Thomas Corbett, Agentrics chief executive officer. "Combining Vivacadena's analytic solutions and inventory management methodology with Agentrics' diverse portfolio of supply chain management services offers our customers a centralized approach to managing inventory and preventing under-stock and over-stock situations that negatively impact sales and cash flow. As a result, this solution allows retailers and manufacturers to turn a significant portion of their inventory into cash, which is essential for continued growth in any economic climate."

Based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, Vivacadena's customers include a leading global sportswear brand, a market-leading hand tools company and one of Europe's largest fashion retailers. The company's Internet-based platform allows businesses to assess market demand down to the local level and collaboratively manage order quantities and the movement of goods across the supply chain. The solution facilitates better ordering and replenishment using an automated system based on preset rules and algorithms that optimize the ordering process and deliver a better customer experience. Vivacadena also offers consulting services to help companies assess and execute new strategies and supply chain initiatives such as centralizing inventory, reducing lead times and lowering minimum order quantities.

According to Yohyon van Zantwijk, Vivacadena founder, chief executive officer and member of the Agentrics board of directors, "Agentrics is ideally positioned to extend the value of the Vivacadena vision of transforming the way supply chains trade to achieve lower inventory while increasing product availability, profitability and customer centricity. Agentrics customers are the ideal benefactors of our solutions, as they represent the world's highest-volume supply chains and have a meaningful stake in every inventory decision and position."

The Vivacadena platform complements Agentrics' existing supply chain intelligence suite, which includes solutions for collaborative demand planning, point-of-sale data sharing, supplier performance management, business process integration as well as product and supplier sourcing.