PLM, ERP and End2End fashion, accessories, footwear and apparel specific software provider, Visual Next, announces the launch of a new video showcasing the story behind the success of Yoga Jeans®.

For the Wazana brothers, what initially started out as a passion for vintage jeans quickly became a mission to create the most comfortable jeans in the world. Today, Yoga Jeans®, by Wazana Clothing produces some of the most comfortable and flexible jeans on the market.

As they grew, this innovative denim company overcame numerous challenges, by adopting a well-planned digital transformation of their business processes.

"When we first started, reporting was a big issue. Even something as simple as size matrix, colour matrix or inseams would have to be managed individually, which made our day-to-day operations very complicated," explains Jacob Wazana, VP & Owner of Wazana Clothing.

Yoga Jeans® then turned to Visual Next to improve their business operations with a connected suite of software solutions. The combination of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and other business applications including Business Intelligence and Sales Force Automation, allowed the company to automate crucial day-to-day operations.

Charles Benoualid, Visual Next's Vice President of Research and Development explains, "The denim industry is changing rapidly. The increased competition in the market and importance of sustainable production presents many challenges but also many opportunities for growth. With their Canadian-based and eco-friendly production facility, Yoga Jeans® is a great example of how a company can leverage a software tailored to their needs to increase their speed to market and be more efficient in the process."

Yoga Jeans® are propelled by the Visual End2EndTM platform that serves as the single source of production, distribution, data analytics and other critical business information that has traditionally been restricted to several independent systems with limited collaboration.

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