US-based PLM provider Bamboo Rose has unveiled a new clipping tool for for securely capturing and sharing images that inspire product designers, retail merchants and product developers.

Rose Clipper allows users to clip and save photos from the web directly to the Bamboo Rose platform, instantly sharing ideas with their teams and communities as they develop products. 

"To thrive in today's retail economy, retailers and suppliers need to stay ahead of trends and be able to develop big ideas they can share across their retail community, while protecting their intellectual property which is too often stored in disparate technologies like Pinterest, Instagram and Box," says Sue Welch, chief executive officer of Bamboo Rose.

"We've developed Rose Clipper to help teams capture their ideas and inspirations better, so they can focus on what matters most to their business: making great products."

The tool is a Chrome browser extension for Bamboo Rose members, and allows users to clip the image, select the "inspiration list" they want to save to, and store the image directly in the respective Bamboo Rose Marketplace account. The list, or library of images, can then be shared immediately for product inspiration.

According to Bamboo Rose, retail product designers have previously had to rely on saving photos and ideas to individual devices which made organising ideas difficult, or revert to using public tools, such as Pinterest, that risked exposing ideas to competitors.

The company, previously known as TradeStone Software, was rebranded as Bamboo Rose in January, offering retailers, wholesalers and suppliers what it says is a new way to work that reflects the changing needs of the market.

TradeStone renamed Bamboo Rose to meet new retail needs

Bamboo Rose now serves over 80 major retailers and 400 brands and connects 35,000 suppliers and 150,000 user members.