Los Angeles based apparel company Barco Uniforms has invested in a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help reduce time to market and control the process of introducing new products to market.

The company, which specialises in uniforms for the healthcare, food service and hospitality industries, has selected Centric PLM to help move new product designs to finished goods on-time.

It wanted to eliminate unnecessary complexity and to reduce the risk of product launch failures due to missed deadlines, and the business underwent an exercise of mapping ownership, processes, controls and accountability for product line development. 

"With the company expansion and success over the past few years, we needed to streamline our product development processes," says Darren Holman, director product commercialisation. "Our management was lacking the overall product visibility needed to make decisions early enough in the go-to-market process to be sure that products get to market on time."

Holman adds: "Our teams will benefit from a single actionable version of the truth which will facilitate accurate product information sharing while reducing our time to market."