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Corporate Headquarters
Brookfield Place, 200 Vesey Street
27 Floor, NY, NY 10281
Tel: 1 (212)-408-3800
Twitter: @BlueCherryCGS
Facebook: CGS (Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.)
LinkedIn: CGS (Computer Generated Solutions)


CGS's BlueCherry® Enterprise Suite provides clients with a powerful, comprehensive set of tools to drive their fundamental business processes. Focusing on the needs of high-growth organizations operating in the retail and consumer products industries, our solutions have the built-in capacity to address the needs of all core management, planning, product development, manufacturing, logistics, finance and sales functions.



BlueCherry PLM is a best-in-class product lifecycle management solution, providing retailers and brands with the most integrated and comprehensive view of product workflows from concept to consumer.

In addition to core product data management (PDM), bill of materials (BOM), technical specifications and other commonly available PLM tools, BlueCherry PLM draws from its enterprise solution heritage to deliver a broader set of integrated line planning, design, product development, sourcing and production capabilities to meet the demands of today's rapidly changing marketplace.


  • Plan seasonal products and SKUs using top-down & bottom-up methodologies
  • Get the 10,000-ft view while collaborating with your team on the details


  • Designers can push images to PLM from directly within Adobe® Illustrator
  • Results in more innovate designs & greater design efficiency


  • Source raw materials and production through comprehensive supply chain capabilities
  • Multiple costing analyses lock in real savings


  • Team collaboration keeps you on the same page
  • From commenting on samples to finding the perfect fabric – track comments, requests and conversation on all your product development and global sourcing tasks





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