Byer California, the creator of on-trend, affordable clothes for young women, has improved its workflow and standardised product development with an investment in cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

The tool from NGC Software gives the company complete visibility and control from concept to delivery.

Prior to implementing the solution, Byer California used a legacy PDM application to create spec packages. Although the immediate need was to replace the legacy application, the company took the opportunity to broaden the scope to include other product development areas, such as design, pre-production and production.

Byer California has completed the first two phases of a four-phase implementation on schedule. The transition period from the old legacy system to the adoption of NGC's PLM was immediate, with users moving away from spreadsheets to the new streamlined, standardised processes.

According to Nadine Manfredi, director of strategy and solutions at Byer California, the user interface is "clean and easy to use," while the company will be able to "easily support the technology internally."

Benefits seen so far are said to include better visibility to information, improved workflow, enhanced data accuracy, consistency of document format and process standardisation. As more staff transition to PLM, the company expects to realise more benefits.