Women's wear manufacturer and importer Claudel Lingerie has rationalised internal processes and maximised efficiency after investing in an ERP solution from Momentis Systems.

The company, which operates stores in Canada, the US and China, said the system has also helped it to improve collaboration within its supply chain. 

Claudel is using Momentis PLM (product lifecycle management) to streamline product design, development and costing, EDI to enhance selling capabilities and Financials to simplify financial reporting and gain visibility. 

"With one centralised system spanning the globe, all data entered in Canada is now instantly accessible in China," said Claudel Lingerie president Francois Lapierre. "Instead of simply pushing out information we can now collaborate between Canada and China on design."

Prior to the investment, Canadian designs were exported, printed, scanned and then emailed to China where they were re-entered into another system before production began. The process was not only repetitive, but created numerous opportunities for human error.