Canadian lifestyle retailer Roots has implemented a fully integrated ERP system to help support its rapid domestic and international growth.

The company, which has more than 160 retail locations throughout Canada and the US, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, needs to operate efficiently on a global scale.

"We have a large number of channels including retailers, wholesale and franchisees operating all around the world which results in large data sets," says Sergio Gomez, IT director at Roots.

The Momentis Fashion System replaces multiple disparate systems "which prevented us from getting a detailed overview of the entire business," Gomez adds.

The new software "breaks down information silos" so that the company can operate all of its channels from a unified system, "which is letting us take advantage of the vast data at our disposal."

Managing its global operations from one central database has helped Roots improve efficiencies from eliminating redundant activities and streamlining its supply chain.

In particular, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) module "facilitates inter-departmental collaboration and accelerates the design, sampling and sourcing processes," Gomez says.

"The data we now have access to with the push of a button gives us unprecedented visibility into our vendors and costing which has already drastically improved our decision making abilities."