The new PLM-as-a-Platform concept from Visual 2000 International is described as "a step change in fashion business computing" by offering a new approach to systems integration.

It provides enterprise-wide access and visibility into a wide range of order management, product development, supply chain, warehouse, point-of-sale, and other critical process information directly from the Visual software application.

Previously, this information was restricted to enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management (WMS), and other independent software systems.

The new End2End and Design2Delivery software options have been packaged to equip fashion executives and professionals with various levels of integrated functionality based on their specific business requirements. Both comprise a range of capabilities in a single-license solution that can be implemented rapidly and flexibly.

"Our PLM-as-a-Platform approach redefines the role and value of PLM in the fashion industry," claims Charles Benoualid, Visual 2000 vice president of research and development. "We are advancing PLM as the core business platform for managing today's complex concept-to-consumer process.

"By making transactional information from ERP and other tools available inside PLM, teams and their suppliers can better leverage their historical data to plan and innovate on current and future products and deliveries."

The new End2End solution option gives clients access to the full range of Visual 2000 software and global collaboration technology, or can be integrated with an existing ERP implementation. The Design2Delivery package includes PLM, SCM, and BI tools.