Montreal-based software developer Visual 2000 has added a visual storyboard tool to its PLM software to enable merchandisers and designers to use visual storyboards at the beginning of product development, not just at the end.

The addition of  vrSoftware's Sampleroom to Visual should help merchandise managers make quicker decisions during the development phase of their product offerings.

“This is unique in the sense that we are using this at the beginning of the cycle and not at the end,” explains Charles Benoualid, vice president of research and development at Visual 2000. Using

“Sampleroom’s storyboard, merchandisers and designers can now make informed decisions about products much sooner, even before samples are produced; saving time, effort and money by only developing the products which clearly merchandise well.”

Sampleroom’s visual film roll will enable users to incorporate simple product sketches or pictures and create professional storyboards.

These storyboards can then be used to show merchandise managers what the collection might look like if they go through with development.

Adopting Sampleroom software is just the beginning of what Visual 2000 hopes will be a strategic business relationship with Visual Retailing LLC.