WhichPLM an independent PLM evaluation center specialized in Product Lifecycle Management software for the AFA Industry has published the results of its thorough evaluation of Visual PLM.netTM

WhichPLM's unique scoring process is used to evaluate the PLM solutions on the market. Using a comprehensive list of 650+ questions, WhichPLM experts drive out answers on the Commercial, Functional, Technical, Implementation and Support aspects of the Visual PLM.netTM solution across a broad range of business processes from Trend to Delivery.

News Facts

Visual 2000 International is very proud to report that Visual PLM.netTM has achieved the highest score amongst all other suppliers in overall percentage. What is even more exciting is that Visual PLM.netTM has attained an almost perfect score in the functionality aspect of the evaluation. Functionality is the key factor in the successful deployment of a PLM tool. Users of PDM are used to configuring their Excel sheets to match their needs; Visual PLM.netTM configurability maintains that flexibility aspect.

About WhichPLM

WhichPLM.com (www.WhichPLM.com) has been created by an independent team of Apparel PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) industry experts with many years of experience that originate from the development of the first PDM (Product Data Management) solution. Today, there are around 60 suppliers of PLM solutions to the apparel industry, all claiming to be the industry leader. Added to that, PLM is a concept that needs to be implemented at an enterprise-wide level, so it is a significant investment. Who can you trust to help you select the right solution based on your requirements?

WhichPLM.com is a one-stop-shop website that will provide information, news, tools and expert advice. And, because we are independent, you can trust us to provide you with the impartial information you need to find the best PLM solution fit for your company.

There are 4 categories on which we were rated:

Commercial Marketing Worldwide

Technical Infrastructure and platform, Microsoft

Training and support: Regions we cover. We only cover North America and Europe for now

Functional: This the most important aspect of the software as it pertains to PLM Features

Our overall score is 76% which takes us to the top of the list of tested and known Apparel Specific PLM vendors.

About Visual PLM.netTM

Visual PLM.netTM is a best of breed, full featured Product Lifecycle Management software solution. A multi Platform browser based client, Visual PLM.netTM, includes PDM, Merchandise Planning, Multi level Project Management, User and Role based Calendars, Automated internal and external Notification System, Field Based Workflow management, Formulas (Validations, Costing), PDM Interface Designer, Search Designer, Data Integration Manager and Dynamic Reporting Tool.

About Visual 2000 International

Visual 2000 International Inc is a leading provider of Software Solutions to the AFA, Apparel, Footwear and Accessories industry. For more information about Visual 2000 International, please visit our Web site at http://www.visual-2000.com