Chinese footwear company Aokang is adopting Lectra Fashion PLM to increase visibility and control over its supply chain.

With three manufacturing centres and more than 5,000 stores, Aokang is one of China's leading privately-owned shoe makers. It designs 50% of its products in-house and manufactures its entire range internally.

Aokang is leveraging its design, manufacturing and R&D capabilities to expand activities throughout China, and plans to increase its design activities by up to 70% by 2015.

Lectra Fashion PLM will help the company better control workflow and collection planning, supporting its goal to streamline its supply chain and reduce time-to-market.

"To face fierce competition, the rising cost of inventory and discounts at retail, we have to strengthen our merchandise planning capabilities and streamline the flow of goods to retail," said Aokang CEO Wang Zhen Quan.

"From R&D to design, product development, manufacturing and marketing, Lectra Fashion PLM will allow us to have visibility and control over the supply chain."