ANN ARBOR, Michigan, October 15, 2008 — CIMdata, the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and research firm announced that it had recently published a white paper entitled “Getting Started in PDM”. The paper describes the evolution of Product Data Management (PDM) systems, their applicability to mid-sized manufacturing companies in multiple industry segments, and how companies of all sizes can take advantage of today’s PDM systems. It also explains the key components of PDM that mid-sized companies should care about, how PDM can address their critical business issues, and the most critical best-practices related to the planning and implementation of a PDM system. Additionally, this paper describes what mid-sized companies need to do to get started with PDM, and how they should assess the suitability of the different PDM systems on the market. Finally, the paper provides a brief review of Siemens PLM Software’s mid-market-focused PDM system—Teamcenter Express; one of many mid-market PDM systems on the market today.

Commenting on the applicability of PDM to companies of all sizes, Peter Bilello, CIMdata Vice President said, “As PDM technologies have matured, their applicability to multiple industrial segments and organizations of all sizes has increased significantly. Our research and experience indicate that many PDM systems have evolved to meet the needs of not just large enterprises, but also small- to medium-sized enterprises of all types. This evolution is an undisputable sign of general market acceptance for this data management-focused technology and the other Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enabling technologies (e.g., visualization, enterprise application integration, digital manufacturing, etc.).” Mr. Bilello added, “There is no doubt that the extensive capabilities provided by many of today’s PDM systems have allowed enterprises in many industrial segments to better control and leverage their intellectual assets—to reduce cost, increase quality, and reduce delivery time.” Mr. Bilello also said that a number of PDM suppliers are delivering robust preconfigured PDM systems that had been designed for mid-market companies.

Mr. Bilello cautioned that small- to medium-sized companies in the market for an enterprise-class data management solution should remember to first define their true short- and long-term business requirements related to creating and managing their product definition information. Then look to PDM suppliers that can best address them. Once this has been accomplished, organizations considering PDM should plan for the implementation, and ensure that internal and external support is provided when and where needed. He concluded, “Companies must remember that they should not only look to select the most appropriate PDM technology, but also the most appropriate supplier that shares their vision and has a proven track record of delivering quick and easy-to-implement business solutions.”

The white paper is available in the downloads section of the PLM hub.