See now, buy now has the potential to shakeup the industry as we know it. The new changes to the Fashion Week calendars impact the core foundation of the way many companies work from creative inspiration to product development, sourcing and selling. Fashion, retail, outdoor and footwear are all extremely complex, each product having wildly varying lead times and necessitating large teams to get to market. All design, development, production, and selling activities revolve around a standard timeframe.

What will the disruption in the fashion calendar mean for brands, retailers and manufacturers everywhere? How will you be impacted? Find out how PLM supports brands and retailers to keep pace with changing lead times.

Watch our webinar featuring Stacey Charbin, CMO at Centric Software and Lisa Garson, former VP at One Jeanswear Group and The Jones Group, as they explain their vision of potential changes to come.

Stacey has approximately 20 years' experience working with brands and retailers globally and Lisa has over 25 years' experience in wholesale and retail fashion apparel in the US.

Lisa Garson is a seasoned fashion operations executive, with extensive experience in both men's and women's fashion apparel, with long stints at Polo Ralph Lauren (now Ralph Lauren) and The Jones Group/Nine West Holdings (previously Jones Apparel Group). A highly accomplished fashion expert, Lisa has experienced numerous changes and is well acquainted with the use of ever evolving technology to meet industry challenges. In addition to leading PLM, ERP, planning and other system implementations, Lisa has been an active participant in industry forums such as the GS1 Committee on Extended Attributes.

This webinar is sponsored by Centric Software, the leading PLM solution for the AFA markets. We have approximately 150 PLM projects with leading companies such as Fast Retailing, Asics, Mango, Tom Tailor, Under Armour, Ted Baker and about 145 more. Visit for more info.

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