NEEDHAM, MA – November 7, 2007 - PTC (Nasdaq: PMTC), the Product Development Company®, today announced that Delta Galil Industries Ltd. (listed at Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and Nasdaq: DELT), a leading global apparel company headquartered in Israel, decided to implement FlexPLM, PTC’s solution for retail, footwear, and apparel. As a global manufacturer of intimate apparel, men's underwear and socks, Delta Galil is focused on constantly improving its development and manufacturing processes. Design and development account for 70% of a product’s lifecycle: Therefore, it is a key success factor to engage with suppliers and customers as early as possible in the process to cut lead time and optimize efficiency in a global product development environment. To achieve this strategic objective, Delta Galil selected FlexPLM to take advantage of a powerful PLM solution supporting automated electronic engagement with the supply chain and customers.

Founded in 1975, Delta Galil has expanded its business to become a truly global manufacturer, encompassing design, development and manufacturing sites in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company manufactures apparel for leading retailers, as well as highly customized fashion for leading global brands such as WalMart, Victoria Secret, M&S, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Nike and others. “Since Delta became a more Global focused company, there was a growing need in managing the complete product lifecycle from concept through to the customer", said Avi Pinhas, CIO of Delta Galil. “We needed to reduce the development time and automate processes to cut the lead time. In parallel, we wanted to improve and better control the extended supply chain, thus making it more transparent. PTC’s FlexPLM solution proved to be the best choice for our highly global collaboration environment, providing a web-based single source of truth.”

A team of specialists from PTC’s Global Service Organization (GSO) will help Delta to implement the PLM solution and adapt it to its customer-specific needs in a period of only 4 to 5 months. PTC’s proven apparel know-how and industry experience contributed to the competitive win, giving the Delta Galil management confidence to embrace a broad-based PLM solution.

“We also expect FlexPLM to improve collaboration with our key customers”, said Avi Pinhas. “Once the roll-out is realized, the global PLM environment will contribute to grow our product margin, improve data accuracy, product quality and operational efficiency.” To improve cost control, Delta also intends to integrate FlexPLM with its ERP and costing systems.

“Delta Galil provides innovative fashion and basic apparel of high quality to address a wide variety of price points for a broad, global customer base,” said Kathleen Mitford, vice president, vertical market strategy for retail, footwear and apparel, PTC. “The company’s customized vertical market strategy covers every stage of the product lifecycle from initial design and development through manufacturing of fabrics, accessories and garments to logistics, distribution and replenishment. That’s why they need an extremely powerful PLM solution capable of supporting all phases including collaboration links to customers and suppliers processes.”

About Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.(Nasdaq: DELT) is a leading global apparel company specializing in intimate apparel, men's underwear and socks. The Company produces customized, innovative fashion and basic apparel for leading retailers and brands around the world. Since its inception in 1975, Delta has expanded from its original base in Israel to encompass design, development and manufacturing centers on four continents and service more than 50 customers in the US, the UK, continental Europe and Israel. With more than 10,500 employees located worldwide, Delta exemplifies the concept of a global company and takes pride in being a responsible corporate citizen.

About PTC Solutions for Retail, Footwear and Apparel
PTC® solutions for retail, footwear and apparel are designed to meet the product lifecycle management requirements of retailers, branded manufacturers and their suppliers. These web-based solutions are comprised of FlexPLM™ and provide configurable functionality and information visibility across the enterprise and its supply chain. PTC is a leading provider to top retail, footwear and apparel brands worldwide.