Visual 2000 International Inc. is pleased to announce an official partnership with Mexcostura Mexico-based corporation with strong roots and deep knowledge of the AFA market.

The Visual 2000 suite of omni-channel software, tailor-made for the apparel, footwear and fashion accessories industry is expanding quickly to new markets. To support the demand of emerging fashion capital, Visual 2000 is proud to partner with experienced and passionate professionals.

The CEO of Mexostura, Alejandro Faes Noriega, has served on the board of several trade associations, including the International Apparel Federation, National Apparel Manufacturers Association of Mexico, and CONCAMIN, Mexico's largest manufacturing association.

"Mexcostura has positioned itself as a technology leader in the apparel and footwear industry in Mexico," explains Alejandro Faes Noriega. "We foresee a change in the needs of our customer base and this partnership with Visual 2000 will enable Mexican companies to enhance their processes and access critical information in real time. The Visual 2000 End2End solution provides a complete toolset for the apparel industry."

Charles Benoualid, VP of Research and Development of Visual 2000, comments, "We are excited about this new venture in Mexico. Mexcostura is a progressive and well-established technology supplier to the Mexican AFA industry. Together we will provide our expertise and build strong partnerships with our future customers."

This new partnership will lead both companies to an even stronger positioning in the thriving textile industry. According to the United States Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, it currently accounts for 6 percent of Mexico's gross domestic product and nearly 20 percent of all manufacturing employment.