Fashion retail chain Finn-Flare has implemented Gerber’s webPDM as part of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) suite, to help reduce lead times and improve the flow of information along its supply chain.

The retailer, which is a leader in the Russian apparel market, says the tool has helped reduce the cost and time of all production processes.

“It is easier to work with the program and to follow all movements of every person and mechanism involved,” said Anna Sirotkina, deputy general director of Finn-Flare.

As an integral part of Finn-Flare’s overall IT system, webPDM allows the retail group to access production information from any part of the world. It has also helped eliminate redundant data entry.  

The company’s retail network includes 26 company stores in Helsinki, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Astana, as well as a franchising network consisting of 245 stores located in the largest cities of Russia and Kazakhstan.