French fashion design and retail company Christine Laure has selected Centric Software Inc to provide its product lifecycle management (PLM) system.

The company, which sells women’s clothing through 150 stores in France and a network of 500 multi-brand resellers, will use the Centric 8 system to improve collaboration and productivity throughout its product development process.

The software will enable teams around the world to “share product and design information faster and more accurately,” says Jean-Marc Delattre, general manager and chief operating officer at Christine Laure.

The fast-growing, family-owned company works with a global supply chain, with sourcing in Asia, and manufacturing in France, Asia and Africa. Its previous product development process relied on  spreadsheets and e-mail messages.

The company’s growing number of product lines, across multiple seasons each year, compounded communication issues. “We needed to speed product development and production, while assuring the high quality for which our products are known,” Delattre adds.

Centric’s web-based Centric 8 suite will integrate with Christine Laure’s Orliweb system from Cegid, the French provider of ERP and retail software solutions.