Design software and PLM expert Dassault Systèmes has signalled a change of strategy after acquiring dashboard intelligence technology specialist Netvibes.

Dassault said the buying of the US company for an undisclosed sum was part of the pursuit of a new strategy focused on its 3D Experience platform, designed to change the way industry leaders and marketers create value for end consumers.

The platform, it added, would transform the way in which “innovators will innovate with consumers” by connecting designers, engineers, marketing manager and even the consumers themselves in a new “social enterprise”.

“Our vision is to provide ‘social information experiences’ to the business world and consumers: holistic views on everything that matters, both inside and outside the company, in order to innovate,” said Bernard Charlès, Dassault president and CEO.

“Netvibes is a perfect fit for our 3D Experience platform. It will connect information related to all product, service and user experiences from internal and external data sources, all in real time and in context for a better, richer experience and decision-making process.”

Netvibes specialises in the creation of personalised dashboards for real-time monitoring, social analytics, knowledge sharing and decision support.

The technology used, which will be integrated into Dassault’s 3D Experience, allows companies to connect internal enterprise platforms, databases or systems with external cloud apps, social feeds and live sentiment monitoring.

Meanwhile, the company has appointed Monica Menghini to the newly created position of executive vice president, industry, marketing and corporate communications. Menghini, who joined Dassault in 2009, had previously spent 13 years at Procter & Gamble.

Charlès paid tribute to her “proven leadership and expertise”, which he said would help bring Dassault to the next stage of its development.

“With the launch of our 3DSwYM brand, the acquisition of internet companies such as Exalead and Netvibes, we are further reinforcing the social business apps which are part of our 3D Experience platform,” said Charlès.