Lectra has launched a new version of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, which includes new features for monitoring the development of collections and gives management teams better control over performance.

The Workflow Management tool in Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 is intended to help executives make better-informed decisions and reduce time-to-market, even as the number of collections increases.

Workflow alerts, for example, control various steps in the development process by prioritising products or collections. This in turn gives managers a broad overview of any related risks and their level of importance and prepares them for any decisions they might have to make.

Another new feature for timetable management ensures better control of product development by allowing users to visualise work schedules at any time.

Collection managers can also take corrective measures by modifying pre-set ‘key milestones’ to reflect the actual progress of activities.

Product development can then be followed in real time via intelligent updates which recalculate deadlines in response to schedule changes.

Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 can also assign workloads according to the actual time available, which helps identify and avoid potential bottlenecks.

And the performance of each activity can be analysed in order to improve the development schedules for future collections.

For product development there is a new tool to create measurement tables, as well as a wider range of report templates for technical specifications, product progress updates, fit, and colours.

The new version of Lectra Fashion PLM also includes an advanced search option which allows users to find a specific article at SKU level.