Lectra is poised to launch a new version of its fashion-specific product lifecycle management solution, Lectra Fashion PLM V2R2, early next month.

"Lectra Fashion PLM V2R2 is a major technological leap forward," explains Lectra CEO Daniel Harari.

"We have drawn on best practices developed with customers to profoundly improve upon all the processes the solution covers, making a real difference to the entire value chain.

"For our customers this means better collaboration, time and costs savings, and, ultimately, increased competitiveness."

The software covers the steps involved in creating collections and brings applications for product design, pattern-making and prototyping together with tools for the planning and management of collections.

Highlights of the new product include simplified, automated costing capacities down to individual item level so that managers can check the profitability of designs early in the development phase; and a new module that monitor the progress of orders.

A "snapshot" function enables users to generate reports on a collection's progress; while the data load capacity through Microsoft Office Excel has also been enhanced.