French children’s wear retailer Marèse has chosen Lectra's PLM to accelerate the development of its collections by ensuring constantly updated information can be shared at all times.

The company already uses Lectra’s pattern-making (Modaris) and marker making (Diamino) software, and these will be linked the new workflow management and product development applications.

Marèse, whose brands for children aged 0-12 include Marèse, Repetto and Ooxoo, has a product development team that creates and develops 1,300 new styles per year. Manufacturing is mainly subcontracted to Asia and North Africa.

Its goal is to accelerate the development of its collections development, set up a fast prototyping process, and expand its direct and indirect distribution network.

“Our company is already very well organised and now we’re focusing our efforts on development speed, creativity and the quality of our garments.” said Marèse CEO, Olivier Doolaeghe.

“Investing in advanced technology allows us to remain competitive and to satisfy our consumers.”

“All of our planning is currently managed with a traditional spreadsheet, which creates problems for updating information and making it available to all the teams involved in development.”

The Product Development application will help Marèse to centralise and share all product-related information throughout the development process, while the Workflow Management tool will enable it to monitor a product’s progress.