Moving to an ERP system for the first time-or upgrading to a new system-is a significant investment in business process re-engineering. This industry perspective has been designed to help ease the complexity of this challenge, by breaking down the ERP selection process to a 5-point plan.

If you have either an in-house developed or a legacy ERP system, this paper will help you recognize the business situations and workplace challenges that tell you it's time to re-evaluate the viability of your present ERP solution. We'll discuss options for extending the system's life, as well as what questions to consider when you're in the market for a replacement system

Our industry perspective is design to help you evaluate the true cost of your legacy or homegrown ERP system.

Areas covered in the report include:

  • Why you need a new system: Determining your business drivers
  • What do you want to accomplish: Establishing your ERP strategy
  • What do you want from your software: Determining your priorities
  • What will it really cost you: Calculating the total cost of Ownership
  • Who do you turn to: Choosing the right vendor
  • Deciding on the right company to work with

Your ERP system is a pricey piece of software that's going to be in use for a long time. So, you'll want to make sure the company you choose will be around to support it. For this reason we are providing another few pointers to help you through this process.

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