Gerber Technology is offering a new way for designers and retailers to easily specify threads after integrating American & Efird's (A&E) products into the latest version its YuniquePLM technology. 

A&E's threads and colours are now available in the material and colour libraries within YuniquePLM V7, and  the data libraries can also be retrofitted to earlier versions. In total, the software now contains 1,477 colours and 103 threads, offering designers over 100,000 combination choices.  

"By simply using drag-and-drop to add colours and threads simultaneously to multiple styles from these data libraries, this robust integration simplifies the jobs of designers and product developers," says Clayton Parker, director of PLM product management. 

"A&E's investment in the stewardship of future generations through eco-driven solutions is unparalleled," he adds, noting: "Customers will be able to enhance their own CSR efforts by partnering with a trusted, transparent company for their material needs."

A&E is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of industrial threads and textiles. Its products are manufactured in 27 facilities around the world and sold in over 100 countries, allowing brands to quickly source colour specific materials wherever their production facilities are located.