Norwegian outdoor clothing brand Helly Hansen is upgrading its Gerber Technology webPDM software solution to Yunique In The Cloud for additional flexibility and increased collaboration. 

With a presence in over 40 countries, Helly Hansen offers a selection of outerwear, base layers, sportswear and footwear for outdoor activities. The company has been using Gerber Technology's WebPDM and AccuMark to enhance collaboration between vendors by providing a single source of data as well as a tool to efficiently manage its product data. 

Migration from webPDM to Yunique In The Cloud is expected to result in additional flexibility, allowing teams to access information wherever they are located and performance enhancements via a secure, always-on infrastructure hosted by Amazon Web Services. 

According to Trine-Lise Jensen, Helly Hansen IT director, upgrading to the cloud will allow the company to gain additional collaborative and visibility capabilities. "All of our data will be located in a secure, central repository, eliminating the need for costly back-up servers or silos of information that typically reside in Excel spreadsheets and emails."

Gerber first launched a "test drive" of its YuniquePLM In The Cloud solution in March last year, allowing companies to try out the functionality of the PLM solution, combined with the benefits of cloud computing. 

YuniquePLM launches test drive of cloud solution