Praktiker Group, a leading European home improvement and do-it-yourself retailer will go live today with a software implementation aimed at driving the retailer's next phase of growth, Core Solutions ("CORE") announced.

With more than 400 stores across Europe, Praktiker is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the region. The company's customers range from do-it-yourselfers to professional craftsmen. Praktiker Group, formerly a division of cash and carry retailing giant, Metro AG, was spun off as an independent listed company in 2005.

With an ongoing strategy of offering products at the best value-for-money and an understanding that a streamlined supply chain is critical to their business Praktiker selected Core Solutions' CBX Enterprise system to help the Group maintain a fresh and innovative array of products.

Recognizing an industry trend of growth in private label and direct sourcing, Praktiker reevaluated their approach to product development, sourcing, quality assurance and supply chain management. Whereas in the past, many of these functions were outsourced, Praktiker has now taken a more hands on approach to merchandize development - from the seed stage, right through to product delivery and payment.

"CBX gives Praktiker an end-to-end solution with modules which do everything from managing suppliers, specifications, quotations and costing, to ensuring quality and compliance, on-time delivery of product and accurate invoicing," said Mr. Reissenweber, Managing Director of Praktiker Group Buying. "Aside from the greater visibility into our supply chain and the shift away from manual processes, CBX will help us quickly scale our global sourcing operation."

CORE's CBX implementation for Praktiker was implemented in a record 7 months from initial discussion to roll out through key buying, sourcing, quality, shipping and settlement teams, along with hundreds of suppliers.
"We are honored to be chosen by Praktiker to play a critical role in reengineering the way products are delivered to customers. CBX Enterprise, which has been successfully adopted by many other leading retailers around the world, will help Praktiker to dramatically improve their sourcing and supply chain capabilities," said Michael Hung, CEO of Core Solutions.