Major shifts in the fashion industry have completely changed how the supply chain works. Garment sourcing is moving from an old-style transactional model to a more modern, collaborative one.

Companies that make up today's fashion ecosystem are looking to new business models in an effort to change the game and differentiate themselves from competitors, while at the same time, they focus on improving key business drivers, such as time to market and fit.

Watch Lectra Fashion's recent webinar and learn about:

  • Shifting dynamics in the fashion industry and their impact on the supply chain 
  • Where garment sourcing is headed 
  • Emerging new business models 
  • How Lectra is helping companies transform their business sustainably and change the fashion business game

The webinar is presented by Françoise Replumaz, Senior Marketing Manager for Fashion at Lectra, with the participation of David Birnbaum, Founder and CEO of Third Horizon Ltd.

View webinar here