India-based children’s wear manufacturer Gini and Jony has invested in the Lawson Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to speed up its product design and development processes.

“The recent implementation of this web-based system has helped the product design and development team spend up to 50% less time than before recording the detail of each new range it designs,” said Gagan Kahlon, head of IT at Gini and Jony.

The improvement in efficiency has also freed up time for the company’s design team to think about new concepts for coming seasons and drive sales by developing ranges with greater consumer appeal.

“The technical pack in Lawson Fashion PLM enables us to record every detail of the lifecycle of each new product, including design sketches and a bill of materials,” Kahlon added.

“Information has become more transparent and accessible from any location, because the system is web-based. Everyone is confident it is accurate and up-to-date.”

The system has also helped improve working practices by creating more consistency and continuity in the way the company works together internally, from design and procurement to sourcing and production.

Gini and Jony has also extended the use of Lawson Fashion PLM to strategic vendors.

This allows better sharing of up-to-date information – which can help improve how the company and its vendors manage changes to their production schedules.

Vibhaas Sing, head of design at the apparel maker, leads a 22-person design team producing about 800 styles, 1500 style options and 1600 colour ways.

“At the end of the development cycle, it used to take up to 35 days to sift through all the paperwork, documenting each piece of information,” he explains.

“Now, it takes just a few minutes each day to record information, including changes that are visible to everyone.

“The system…will be key to our success in future seasons.”