ITC Infotech has launched a software solution that helps companies to predict which styles and attributes are most popular with customers, helping designers to predict trends.

Style Performance Analytics (SPA) combines product attribute information from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools with transactional data from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the tool uses Business Intelligence tools uncover which styles and attributes are most popular.

The SPA solution is designed to predict fashion trends with analysis drawn from historical data. Information is presented on a dashboard with drill down functionality for fact-based decision making. Designers and merchandisers can access standardised data to take cues for forthcoming design element decisions.

"When designing for the next season it would be fantastic to be able to predict the success of your design," said ITC Infotech senior voice president PLM and engineering services VV Rajasekhar. "

We wanted a solution that could analyse past designs and bring out the aspects that have been popular and feed this information back into the design process. In this way, using fact-based decision making, the fashion line becomes more adapted to the customer's preferences."

Rajnish Kumar, global head of softlines at ITC Infotech said the system offers historical attribute analysis with visual representation via dashboards of standard and real-time data.

"This is one of the most critical value drivers of the solution because it offers a single platform to show standardised information to designers, merchandisers and buyers, so they are all using the same information to make their decisions. It reveals customer preferences to prompt the designer to decide what to do with that information. The businesses thereby get an edge which will allow their entire range to be sold with speeding inventory turns caused by higher sell-through and with far lower mark downs," he said.