Global product development and sourcing organisation Asmara is to implement cloud PLM and ERP software from WFX across its offices in Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The move comes as the company switches from its in-house legacy system to a centralised approach to product development and supply chain management activities in nine countries with more than 600 internal users and 150 vendors.

"Our company has grown by leaps and bounds both in size and the services we provide," says Venky Nagan, Asmara group CEO.

"Our objective is to have a single version of the truth across our entire business and real information transparency. We will roll-out WFX both internally and across our vendors so product information flows from design through until delivery."

Asmara supplies apparel for large and mid-sized European and US brands and retailers including Abercrombie & Fitch and Tom Tailor.