OptiTex, provider of CAD services for the cut-fabrics sector, has announced the beta release of its new website OptiTex Web Services. compatible with Microsoft's IE 7 browser.

The site offers online access to its automated nesting service to generate high-speed nested layouts that minimize fabric waste. It also includes a Data Conversion service that rapidly converts CAD files from one format to another and an Import/Export service that supports other major file formats independent of the original software platform.

Pricing starts at $10 for a single file conversion or nesting service although the site is offering free trials.

The Data Conversion service converts CAD files from Gerber, Microdynamics, Lectra and Investronica. Whilst the Import/Export service supports multiple file formats including DXF, AAMA, ASTM, NC, HPGL, HPGL-2 and MicroJet.

Commenting on the site Ran Machtinger, CEO and President of OptiTex Ltd, said, “OptiTex has always maintained a very client-centered focus, and our new web services website comes directly from that framework,” he continued, “We have the most user-friendly, customizable system on the market, and the OptiTex Web Service site is just as easy to use and always accessible.”

“We’re always pursuing ways to ensure that our systems and services are leading the market. Launching this revolutionary website is the natural extension of OptiTex’s commitment to help not only our customers - but all professionals in the industry to optimize their production cycle, maximize their design potential while eliminating waste and reducing costs” concludes Machtinger.