Business application software firm Infor has developed the next generation of its Fashion Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of the fashion industry, Infor Fashion PLM helps link the areas of merchandising - product development and sourcing - with line planning, design and development, sourcing and production.

Since the original release of Infor Fashion PLM, Infor has delivered a new Merchandise Planning module and a new Partner Collaboration module to support additional processes in the areas of merchandising, product development, and partner collaboration.

The Merchandise Planning module supports the creation of new collections with overall budgets that can be allocated to product and market attributes as the collection and line plans evolve - streamlining processes.

The new Partner Collaboration module provides secure 24x7 web access for the exchange of information on styles, specification packs, update requests/comments, measurements, quotes, tests/standards and more, to avoid time lags and reduce communication errors.

"The ability to compare and import budgets from external sources at the line level offers more efficiency and further streamlines the planning process," said Robert McKee, industry strategy director, Fashion, Infor. "During the development process, being able to collaborate with suppliers and partners in the value chain from an early stage is paramount to success in the fashion industry."