Fort Collins, CO - August 16, 2007 - Integware, Inc. is the latest sponsor of the Aberdeen report "Profiting from PLM: Successful Strategies for Implementing PLM". The report came out in the beginning of August and will be available for download through September. One of the report's most significant findings related to ROI for manufacturers who employ a "PLM Program" approach to PLM management. Those Best-in-Class manufacturers realized a 67% ROI on initial PLM program implementations and an 85% ROI on subsequent PLM extensions - more than twice the ROI seen by other companies. "Companies who more effectively implemented PLM saw greater ROI than others, but what is extremely impressive is that subsequent implementations increased ROI substantially, further extending the value of the initial PLM investment" stated Jim Brown, VP of Product Innovation and Engineering Research at Aberdeen Group.

Findings serve as a testament to Integware's PLM strategy methodology, and their PLM Maturity Model®. Chris Kay, CEO of Integware, stated that, "The results of this report and our PLM Maturity Model® are completely aligned. It proves once again that our methodology and a program approach to PLM will not only increase ROI but also prepare your company for business change in an organized fashion."

Integware's sponsorship was based on wanting a more clear understanding of where companies are in terms of Product Lifecycle Management implementations. "We now have a really good understanding of where companies place PLM in their daily business practices and this report confirms that Best-in-class companies are taking the innovative approach to PLM and are becoming more competitive, reducing business risks, increasing revenue, decreasing costs and providing tangible business advantage," said Dave Hadfield, Senior Solution Consultant.

The report offers the following recommendations for companies seeking the highest return on their PLM implementations:

• Develop a firm vision for PLM that is tied to the business strategy

• Approach the PLM implementation as a business transformation as opposed to a technology installation.

To download your free copy of the report, please visit Integware's website: