Japanese retail group Aeon Co Ltd has implemented FlexPLM, PTC’s solution for the retail, footwear and apparel industries, to improve its product planning and development process.

Aeon, headquartered in Chiba, Japan, hopes to strengthen its ability to share information and improve collaborations in the development of its private brand products, as well as improving its product quality and increasing its share in the market.

The company has significantly increased the number of seasonal private brand items in recent years and, with the products constantly changing every season, needed to improve product development capability.

Aeon also needed to standardise its workflow and to improve productivity by sharing information among different departments. 

FlexPLM will help Aeon to share information and manage project schedules among different departments, textile partners, and their suppliers in every stage of the process. 

In addition, central management of the product data will increase the credibility and reliability of the shared information. The standardised workflow will also free employees from unnecessary tasks and enable them to concentrate on their main tasks.

“We need to increase the share of private brand products within our Apparel Division to improve the overall business of Aeon. To meet this objective, a PLM system was necessary to establish efficient operation processes and as well as an environment to improve our product development capabilities,” said Mr Atsunobu Agata, Aeon’s chief information officer.

“The purpose of this project is to leverage IT to improve the product development processes where many departments are involved.  We worked with both internal and external teams and put a lot of effort into understanding the business processes and defining project requirements.”