Japanese women's wear manufacturer and retailer Trans-Global Merchandise (TGM) is adopting Lectra Fashion PLM to help to improve product development workflow and communication.

The company, which targets the more mature customer, involves customers in the development of its collections.

But its multichannel growth presents significant challenges not only for development teams, but also for the rest of the organisation.

"If samples are not ready in time, we can't collect customer feedback to make production decisions," explains Mikiko Ota, production manager.

"Once we go to production, we face other challenges, notably shipment delays. I wanted to find the best solution to improve the situation."

TGM's goal is to streamline the development process by controlling the flow of work and deadlines, because delays and errors in design reverberate throughout the development chain, including quality and sales.

"By adopting Lectra Fashion PLM, we are protecting our company's DNA and ensuring its future through better organisation and a streamlined process that lets us share information to support good decision making," says TGM CEO Junko Ota.