Lectra, has announced the launch of the new version of its Product Lifecycle Management solution. Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 includes new, advanced functionalities for collection development process monitoring, giving management teams greater control over performance. This new version also presents benefits for PLM users' partner companies, bringing greater simplicity and user-friendliness to the management of product development activities.

The new version benefits from Lectra's 35 years of international experience within the fashion world - providing a a technology and services offer created specially for the needs of the industry.

A real performance accelerator for fashion professionals, Lectra Fashion PLM facilitates the management of individual activities, tasks, and collaborative work throughout the whole product lifecycle--from the designer's first ideas to the finished product, ready for sale.

Lectra Fashion PLM offers a collaborative working environment for the design, development, and manufacturing of all fashion products (apparel, footwear, accessories) as well as optimal collection management. It is the only PLM solution to incorporate applications for whole process management- -line planning, product design and development, strategic sourcing, workflow management--and renowned state-of-the-art applications for design (Kaledo), pattern-making (Modaris and PGS), virtual 3D prototyping (Modaris 3D Fit), and marker-making (Diamino and MGS).

To ensure the effective implementation of PLM projects, Lectra has more than 100 consultants and project managers in subsidiaries worldwide, with specialist knowledge of professions within the fashion industry and the sector's particular challenges. Each project adapts Lectra Fashion PLM to the individual needs of the customer through a structured and thorough implementation program taking the constraints of collection management cycles into account. Lectra's sectoral expertise and project management methodologies devised especially for the fashion industry ensure that deadlines agreed for project implementation are respected.

Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 introduces major innovations in the Workflow Management application to reinforce managers' control over collection development and enable them to make better-informed decisions. The aim is to reduce time-to-market even as the number of collections produced increases. Specially developed for apparel manufacturers, these new developments relate to collection, product, and resource management.

Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 revolutionizes collection and product management. First, Lectra has launched a new way of controlling the various steps in the development process: workflow alerts reflect the priority level of the relevant products, groups of products or collections. This innovation gives managers a broad overview of any related risks and their level of importance, allowing them to make the best decisions possible for the development of collections and their content. In addition, a new feature for timetable management allows users to visualize work schedules at any time, thereby ensuring better control of product development. Collection managers can now take corrective measures simply by modifying programmed "key milestones" to reflect the actual progress of activities. Product development can be followed in real time through a system of intelligent updates which react to the slightest change in schedule, recalculating deadlines which may be affected further down the line.

Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 is equally innovative in terms of human resources management and facilitates an optimal allocation of workload. Departments are assigned work according to the actual time available, in order to identify and avoid potential bottlenecks. This new, intelligent version of Lectra Fashion PLM also offers another completely original feature: the possibility to analyze the level of performance of each activity in order to optimize future collection development schedules.

A specific solution for the fashion sector's unique challenges, Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 is the result of Lectra's universally-recognized experience. Enhanced by a rapid and streamlined Workflow Management application, the solution is a real asset for professionals in this sector.

Even easier to use and more efficient, this new version appeals to Product Development teams

With its remarkable user-friendliness and its powerful functionalities developed especially for the fashion industry, the new version of Lectra Fashion PLM is a precise response to issues surrounding product development.

Three new functions warrant special mention. A new tool for managing grading rules facilitates the creation of measurement tables. Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 also offers a more extensive range of report templates for technical specifications, product progress updates, fit, colors, etc. Finally, the new version of Lectra Fashion PLM comprises an advanced search option which allows users to find a specific article at SKU level.

Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 is intuitive and straightforward, offering unparalleled user-friendliness, paving the way to increased productivity. An easily accessible "To Do" List, from which items can be checked off as they are completed, enables users to summarize and prioritize pending tasks. Data entry and processing are simplified, and the internal search engine allows users to conduct refined searches for items quickly and easily.

Easy-to-use and specially developed for the needs of the fashion industry, the Lectra Fashion PLM V1R5 accelerates the product development process and increases productivity. With this powerful and collaborative solution, Lectra will help its customers reach unprecedented levels of performance.