Chinese womenswear retailer Lily Brand has invested in a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to manage and access data from every stage of the product lifecycle in a single location.

The company, which opened its first shop in Shanghai in 2000, currently operates 700 Lily Brand stores across 300 cities in China. It also operates around 70 Lily Brand retail outlets in international markets including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore and Kuwait.

It will begin implementing the Centric 8 PLM from Centric Software this year, and expects to see significant benefits across a variety of areas. 

"There were a few key reasons we wanted a PLM system," explains Mr Liu, CIO at Lily Brand. "First, we needed to set up a well-coordinated management platform for our business colleagues that could cover planning, design and R&D. With the implementation of projects, we wanted to transform our R&D process. Second, we wanted the process of R&D to become more visible and controllable. We wanted to manage the whole workflow to minimise risks.

"Finally, it is important for us to retain and pass on our core ideas by establishing a basic library. We believed that PLM platform would help keep the identical standard throughout the business scope and boost our internal and external coordination efficiency."

Liu says the implementation is "a crucial part" of the company's digitalisation strategy that will optimise merchandise management and product design.

"We need a real digital transformation, not directly moving the current workflow from offline to online systems, but optimising our business processes and organisational structure to achieve internal and external coordination and efficiency."