Premium casual apparel brand Marine Layer has selected Centric's SMB PLM solution – a cloud-based tool tailored for emerging businesses – in a bid to help manage data from product development through to retail.

The move is part of a strategy by the San Francisco-based company, which specialises in soft clothing, to keep up with its own rapid growth and simplify collaboration between internal teams.

Founded in 2009, the company now operates 23 stores across the US, eight of which opened in 2016.

"The biggest challenge we were facing was keeping track of shared information," says Megan Eddings, director of design and product development at Marine Layer. "We needed to get everyone on the same page, as so much time was wasted searching around for information in different shared drives, documents, and spreadsheets."

Marine Layer began its Centric SMB implementation in September, and despite a three-week pause in the roll-out process, the core modules of Centric 8 and associated mobile apps were fully live by November 2016.

"I think Centric SMB having the ability to scale is really important," adds Eddings. "The functionality within each segment of Centric was also something that we were looking for. It has to work for different teams, so you need to be able to configure what someone is working on or how they're using it based on their role – whether that's more visual for design, or more number-centered for planning."

Following the go-live, Marine Layer anticipates future efficiencies with Centric, including time savings of about 10-15% per user.

"With everyone working from the same shared information, we'll also cut down on mistakes and have the visibility to catch them earlier," Eddings says.

Centric revealed the latest version of its PLM solution earlier this month, which focuses on scalability and performance of up to 10,000 users, decision making analytics and personalisation.

Centric Version 6 offers scalability and analytics