Polygon Software, a leading developer of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for apparel businesses, today announced the launch of Version 4.2 of PolyPM, featuring more than 100 new enhancements.

Web-enabled, using Microsoft SQL database engine, PolyPM integrates all aspects of the design through production process: product development, sourcing, manufacturing, inventory, sales and distribution. By integrating business processes and people anywhere in the world, businesses use PolyPM to realize more efficient work flow, improved productivity and cost reductions. PolyPM creates an environment that lets management get decision making information when and how it needs it, to ensure faster time-to-market and exploit new business opportunities. Plus, PolyPM is flexible enough to change with business conditions, so management won't need a cadre of programmers to customize and restructure the system as business conditions change.

Already in its twelfth major revision since PolyPM's 2003 introduction, the new release of PolyPM with more than 100 customer driven enhancements, demonstrates Polygon's commitment to aggressive product development. Key features in the new release include:

Development Styles - Clients frequently request merchandisers to develop style concept or prototype costs. PolyPM's development styles enable merchandisers to quickly develop concept styles with materials, labor and other costs and set costs independent of existing costs. Once approved, production styles are developed from the concept style enabling the original sample cost to be maintained for comparison.

Email - Customers, vendors, and team players can now be sent email directly from PolyPM. Using PolyPM address books, recipients can be grouped for mass email. Records of email are maintained in PolyPM making it easy to share all communication between team players, which is a dramatic improvement over individual email clients where only one player can track their personal email.

Contractor Purchasing - Extending PolyPM's ability to support just about any method of production, contractor purchasing enables customers to issue multiple purchase orders from a production order, maintaining a relation to the original production order. Now separate purchase orders can be issued for different processes such as dying, embroidery, heat transfers and sewing which are frequently performed by different vendors.

Purchase Scheduling - PolyPM's new purchase order schedules enable agents to issue purchase orders to vendors and then schedule partial deliveries at a specified date schedule. Schedule deliveries are applied to MRP (material resource planning) for the partial amounts at the specified dates.

InTransit Tracking - When a vendor supplies shipment notification, materials are logged as in transit. Armed with this information, production planners are able to schedule production based using both on hand and in transit inventory. Now business can exceed just-in-time scheduling by developing production schedules that actually anticipate received materials.

Multiple Warehouses - PolyPM V4.2 introduces multiple warehouses for tracking and distributing finished styles. In today's global economy businesses frequently maintain and ship product from different locations throughout the world. Multiple warehouses enable businesses to improve tracking and distribution of their products and to provide management more precise reports for goods valuation.

The new release of PolyPM features more than 100 additional enhancments.