Visual 2000 International Inc., Canada's leading supplier of omni-channel business software for apparel and fashion accessory companies, is pleased to announce that Niagara Falls based apparel supplier Niagara River Trading Company (NRTC) has successfully deployed the Visual 2000 End2End suite to manage their continuing growth as an apparel supplier.

The NRTC, which has been in business for nearly 25 years, supplies a vast number of souvenir, gift and apparel products to thousands of businesses and continues to experience considerable growth in the AFA market. Hugh Hockton from NRTC explained that he needed a "new ERP system to fuel expansion into the apparel marketplace." The recent complexities added to his business due to growth and expansion, created the need for a system that could "handle transactions that involved various sizes and colors of garments."

Brenda So, Senior Project Manager at Visual 2000, confirmed, stating that "Visual 2000's End-to-End Suite is completely scalable and can manage any amount of wholesale demand, and any number of product variations. It is always exciting help a company grow as they utilize some of the best-of-class software tools currently on the market." 

Hockton noted the difficulty typically associated with implementing an ERP system. He stated that, while switching business software is "not an easy undertaking," the "assistance received at Visual was exceptional." The Visual 2000 and the NRTC team achieved a live deployment date on time and on budget. 

Brenda So commented on NRTC's recent deployment and stated that "Visual 2000 prides itself on having one of the highest successful integration rates of any ERP or End-to-End vendor."

The Visual 2000 is a fully functional ERP suite that was designed from the ground up by fashion industry professionals to help manage all aspects of an AFA fashion enterprise.