South African industrial clothing and textile group Ninian & Lester has invested in a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to help reduce lead times in a bid to stay ahead in both local and export markets.

To help evolve the way it works and build the capabilities to deliver on its strategy, Ninian & Lester has selected Centric PLM to help it keep track of product information and speed up time to market. The company, based in Durban, is a licensee of the global Jockey brand found in over 120 countries, and is one of the largest manufacturers of underwear in South Africa.

 "We needed to better integrate our teams and enhance on-trend design efficiency to deal with dynamic 'quick-response' scenarios, assess risks, improve decision-making and reduce our time to market," says Manfred Paeper, business process and IT manager at Ninian & Lester.

Paeper adds the company's goal is to "harness" digital technology throughout the value chain, building cross-silo and cross-channel capabilities connecting IT, machines and people in real-time in order to manufacture products better and faster.

Centric's configurable solution will allow us to shorten cycle times, enhance delivery, bring visibility and transparency into the supply chain, and ultimately expand the value we deliver to our customers," he adds.

Ninian & Lester are Centric's third customer in South Africa.

Centric revealed the latest version of its PLM solution earlier this month, which focuses on scalability and performance of up to 10,000 users, decision making analytics and personalisation.

Centric Version 6 offers scalability and analytics