Apparel Magazine, a trade publication for the Apparel Industry, has selected Nokona as a “Top Innovator” for 2008.

“PLM is creating a foundation for standardizing our product development processes,” says Jerry O’Connor, Nokona’s CEO. It is allowing us to work with new suppliers and partners, streamline communication and reduce time-to-market by up to 60%.”

Nokona, founded in 1926, has leveraged an All-American brand and major league player endorsements to create a dominant following for its baseball gloves. They are now expanding the portfolio to include more than 300 new items ranging from baseball bats to t-shirts to protective gear. Nokona selected Zweave's Zdesign On-Demand PLM solution to support this growth and expansion.

“We are pleased that our solution is helping customers like Nokona run better businesses and design better products,” said Laura McCann, Zweave’s CEO. “Zdesign On-Demand provides a powerful and easy-to-use solution for companies in the consumer good industries and we look forward to seeing many more customer awards.”

With hundreds of products now in development Nokona needed the best available tools for tech packs, pricing, sampling, vendor management, collaboration and more. Nokona set out to achieve significant ROI within 12 months of implementation. “Today we are leveraging everything PLM can provide,” O'Conner says. “We expect better control of our information, visibility into our product development efforts and sourcing timeline and better collaboration. We will see lower product development costs by more then 20%.”

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About Nokona Baseball Factory
Nocona Leather Goods Company was founded in 1926, later becoming Nocona Athletic Goods Company. The Nokona baseball glove was trademarked in 1934 (spelled with a "k" when the U.S. Patent Office would not allow the name of an incorporated town to be registered). The company has continued the tradition of handmade, American-made baseball gloves to this day, with the addition of a few sewing and die-cutting machines. As part of its mission statement, Nokona is committed to help promote the game of baseball around the world. The Nokona glove is used by countless professional athletes around the world. For more information visit: